Looking for Land to Live on in Midland, TX?

Come to our mobile home park

Looking for an opportunity for you, and your family to enjoy life and live hassle free? But sometimes it can be difficult to find a place to park that has the proper amenities. That's why you should acquire land at Sand Copper LLC. There's plenty of room for you here in Midland, TX.

Need assistance

getting land?

If you need financing to afford land in our mobile home park, then we can assist you with the process. We can work with any budget. You can choose to go through the bank or use our financing options. Contact us with any questions about the land acquisition process.

Take advantage of our many amenities

Mobile home life isn't as easy as just finding land to park on. You have to make sure that you have the proper mobile home amenities, as well as the right to stay on the land for however long you need. At Sand Copper LLC, you can enjoy amenities like:


Upgraded water systems


Electrical hookups


Well-maintained roads

You'll have everything you need to turn your mobile house into a home. Reserve a spot at our mobile home park today.