Need Land for Your Mobile Home?

Turn to us for land acquisition in Midland, TX

Do you have a mobile home, but nowhere to park it in Midland, TX? Turn to Sand Copper LLC for a land rental. Our lots have water and electricity, so you can find a place for you and your family to live comfortably. Please note that we require that trailers on our property be made in 2014 or newer, so you can expect a well-maintained neighborhood. (Year, make, and model are subject to change. Please call for more details) Contact us to learn more about our land acquisition services.

Get new land for your mobile home

Get new land for your mobile home

At Sand Copper LLC, we want to help families find an affordable place to stay. That's why we offer great amenities as well as financing. We can help you take advantage of financing options and even walk you through the required steps. If you need assistance with land acquisition, you have choices like our in-house financing and bank financing options.

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